Carpentries, Genomics, and Data Science training at the Smithsonian

The Carpentries – We teach foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide.

The Carpentries (comprised of Data Carpentry, Library Carpentry, and Software Carpentry) is a project whose mission is to teach foundational computational and data science skills to researchers and others who create, manage, and use data.

The Smithsonian Institution has been a member organization since 2017, and a Platinum Member since 2021. More than 1000 Smithsonian staff, fellows, and interns have taken at least one Carpentries course since then. We also conduct custom workshops, most of which have been genomics-related. Workshop materials can be found on our GitHub page. You can read more about the Smithsonian Carpentries team in our 2019 annual report.

We offer peer-led workshops for Smithsonian staff, academic appointees, contractors, volunteers, and other SI-affiliated individuals on a fairly regular basis. To be informed of these workshops and other SI Carpentries events, you can sign up for our announcement mailing list. To sign up for notifications, click the button below and enter your email address:


Trained Carpentries Instructors

We are looking for Smithsonian staff and fellows to be trained to join our team of instructors. No prior teaching experience is necessary, but we suggest experience with using one or more of the following: OpenRefine, Python, R, SQL, Unix, or GitHub. All instructors attend a virtual 4-half-day training workshop using evidence-based techniques for teaching computational skills.

We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis.

Active Instructors

  • Carlos Arias, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI)
  • Maddy BursellOffice of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)
  • Stephen Cox, Smithsonian Libraries and Archives (SLA)
  • Carrie Craig, National Museum of Natural History (NMNH)
  • Corey DiPietro, National Museum of American History (NMAH)
  • Rebecca Dikow, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)
  • Jennifer Giaccai, Freer-Sackler (FSG)
  • Vanessa Gonzalez, Global Genome Initiative (GGI)
  • Jennifer Hammock, Encyclopedia of Life (EOL)
  • Kristina Heinricy, Smithsonian Libraries and Archives (SLA)
  • Valentine Herrmann, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI)
  • Richie Hodel, National Museum of Natural History and OCIO Data Science Lab (NMNH/OCIO)
  • James Holmquist, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC)
  • Sylvain Korzennik, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO)
  • Matt Kweskin, National Museum of Natural History (NMNH)
  • Holly Little, National Museum of Natural History (NMNH)
  • Rayvn Manuel, National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC)
  • Rodolfo Montez, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO)
  • Christopher MoriartySmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO)
  • Michael O'MahoneyNational Museum of Natural History (NMNH)
  • Paula PappalardoSmithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC)
  • Crystal Sanchez, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)
  • Keri Thompson, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)
  • Mike Trizna, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)
  • Luis Villanueva, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)
  • Alex White, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)
  • Sue Zwicker, Smithsonian Libraries and Archives (SLA)

Alumni Instructors

  • Lucy Chang, NMNH Paleo
  • Tauana CunhaSTRI
  • Amanda Devine, GGI
  • Jenna Ekwealor, OCIO
  • Dave Klinges, SERC
  • Mauro Lepore, ForestGEO
  • Bruno de Medeiros, STRI
  • Alex Robillard, OCIO
  • Jennifer Spillane, OCIO
  • Mirian Tsuchiya, OCIO

Requesting a Workshop

Do you work at the Smithsonian and want to organize a workshop to be held at your unit?

Send an email to, and answer the following questions:

  • Who is the contact person?
    • Tell us about yourself and your role with the Smithsonian.
  • How many learners do you expect to participate?
    • We have taught workshops with as many as 40 learners, but we understand that some units and locations at the Smithsonian will only be able to host smaller workshops.
  • What lesson(s) do you have in mind?
    • Take a look at the existing Data, Library, and Software Carpentries lessons, and decide if these cover the skills the learners would benefit from. Also check out the list of Carpentries Incubator lessons. We have developed custom workshops in the past.
  • What is the timeframe?
    • Keep in mind that it will take a few weeks to pull together instructors and helpers who can devote 1-2 days of their time.
    • Also keep in mind that it will take considerably more time to develop custom lessons.

Date Location Subject
Feb 7-8, 2018 NMNH Data Carpentry Ecology with Python
Mar 7-8, 2018 SERC Data Carpentry Ecology with R
Jun 12-13, 2018 NMNH Data Carpentry Genomics
Oct 10-19, 2018 SCBI Conservation Genomics
Feb 4-5, 2019 Castle Library Winter 2019 Quarterly Data Carpentry (Python)
March 5, 2019 NMNH Introduction to SI/HPC
March 6, 2019 NMNH Informatics for Metabarcoding
May 16-17, 2019 Castle Library Spring 2019 Quarterly Data Carpentry (R)
June 4-5, 2019 NMNH Genome Annotation Workshop
June 19-20, 2019 SERC Data Carpentry with R
July 9-10, 2019 Castle Library Data Carpentry for Interns
August 15-16, 2019 Castle Library Summer 2019 Quarterly Data Carpentry (Python)
September 25-26, 2019 SCBI Data Carpentry with R
November 21-22, 2019 Castle Library Autumn 2019 Quarterly Data Carpentry (R)
February 12-13, 2020 Castle Library Winter 2020 Quarterly Data Carpentry (Python)
March 3-4, 2020 Smithsonian Marine Station, Fort Pierce, FL Data Carpentry with R
April 21 and 23, 2020 Smithsonian Museum Support Center (online) Data Carpentry with R
May 19/20 and 26/27, 2020 Smithsonian-wide (online) Spring 2020 Quarterly Data Carpentry (R)
June 16-19, 2020 SERC Summer Interns Data Carpentry with R
August 11/12 and 18/19, 2020 Smithsonian-wide Summer 2020 Quarterly Data Carpentry (Python)
September 15/16 and 22/23, 2020 Smithsonian-wide Library Carpentry
Nov 23/24 and Nov 30/Dec 1, 2020 Smithsonian-wide Autumn 2020 Quarterly Data Carpentry (Python)
Feb 22/23 and Mar 1/2, 2021 Smithsonian-wide Winter 2021 Quarterly Data Carpentry (Python)
April 26-28, 2021 Smithsonian/Harvard Center for Astrophysics CfA Software Carpentry (Python)
May 19-20 and May 26-27, 2021 Smithsonian-wide Spring 2021 Quarterly Data Carpentry (R)
June 10-11 and June 14-15, 2021 SERC SERC Intern Data Carpentry (R)
June 21-24, 2021 Smithsonian-wide Smithsonian Intern Data Carpentry (Python)
July 30, 2021 Smithsonian-wide Introduction to AI and Machine Learning Pilot Workshop
August 16-20, 2021 Public Species Delimitation Workshop
August 24-25 and August 31-September 1, 2021 Smithsonian-wide Summer 2021 Quarterly Data Carpentry (Python)
December 9-10 and 16-17, 2021 Smithsonian-wide Autumn 2021 Quarterly Data Carpentry (R)
March 30/31 and April 6/7, 2022 Smithsonian-wide Winter/Spring 2022 Quarterly Data Carpentry (Python)
June 21/22 and 28/29, 2022 Smithsonian Interns Summer 2022 Quarterly Data Carpentry (Python)
October 18/19 and 25/26, 2022 Smithsonian-wide Autumn 2022 Quarterly Data Carpentry (R)
January 9-11, 2023 Smithsonian-wide Winter 2023 Library Carpentry
May 2023 Smithsonian-wide Spring 2023 Data Carpentry (Python)
June 2023 SERC SERC Intern Data Carpentry