Two grants funded!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Dr. Rebecca Dikow

The Data Science Lab recently found out that we were awarded two grants, a Smithsonian Scholarly Studies grant and a Smithsonian Women's Committee grant. Both provide funding for Data Science postdoctoral fellows.

The Scholarly Studies award, "Deepening our understanding of digitized herbarium samples using machine learning," (PI: Rebecca Dikow, co-PIs: Paul Frandsen (BYU), Larry Dorr (NMNH), Eric Schuettpelz (NMNH)) will provide the resources necessary to extend our collaboration with NMNH Botany.

The Smithsonian Women's Committee award, "Growing the Data Science Lab at the Smithsonian," will provide support for a Smithsonian Women's Committee Data Science Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Mirian Tsuchiya. Mirian will work on a variety of biodiversity genomics projects with the Data Science Lab.